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Boomer Magazine Yes! Dubai Maybe!

We’re in Boomer Magazine again!

A while back, we were published in Boomer Magazine, for The Little Book of Bela’isms, now known as Yogi Bela. This time Boomer Magazine has published an edited version of the blog of our recent 30th anniversary road trip and book tour. The Boomer Magazine article will reach thousands of readers. We’re on the same Travel page with several articles by Rick Steves.

In other news, a short play called Dream People that Stephen wrote this spring has been shortlisted for a theater festival in Dubai, from over 700 entries. If Dream People makes it through a couple more rounds of elimination to the “Red Carpet Gala,” Stephen says he’ll go to Dubai for the performance.

He has an ulterior motive. Since childhood Stephen has wanted to visit the Rubʿ al Khali, the “Empty Quarter,” in neighboring Saudi Arabia. On maps and globes, the Rubʿ al Khali is a vast blank space. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it’s the “largest area of continuous sand in the world,” and “One of the driest regions in the world, the Rubʿ al-Khali is virtually uninhabited and largely unexplored.” Sounds like just the spot for Stephen! Bela plans to stay home. Dubai might not be the right place to visit for a Jewish person with a Hebrew name, and the largest, driest, unexplored and uninhabited region in the world is not on her bucket list.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

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