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Published excerpt by “Yogi Bela” will make you laugh!

Last Monday morning was full of laughter. As many of you know, we are getting ready for Odeon Press to publish our co-written novel Pilgrim Maya. Stephen has also been working on a side project for many years, collecting some of the malapropisms and mixed-up-crazy things Bela has said, and putting them into a book called The Little Book of Bela’isms. He submitted an excerpt to Boomer Magazine. They published it last week. Check it out. We hope it will make you laugh like it did us. Many of the cultural icons in the book are from the past. Fortunately, 73 million Boomers will get the references. Are you one of them?

We will try to get The Little Book of Bela’isms published someday. We both laughed hard, not only because the excerpt is funny but also because of how rapidly it propagated via the magazine’s robust search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. Within hours of publishing, Boomer Magazine had distributed this excerpt from The Little Book of Bela’isms far and wide across the internet! See the screenshot below:

Enjoy! We’ll let you know when we get this little gem published. Meantime, we are hard at work planning our 30th anniversary/book tour of Pilgrim Maya in the month of September. More to come on that.

Best to all,

Bela and Stephen

P.S. Quick question:  Our friend Phil suggested the book title should be “Yogi Bela” instead of “The Little Book of Bela’isms.” What do you think?

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