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Recent Appearances by Bela

While we wait, sometimes shivering, other times riding our bikes in the warm sun, for Spring to finally make a grand entrance, Bela has made a couple recent public appearances. First, we find her teaching movement at a senior center in Sunderland:

Bela at Senior Center 1
Bela At Senior Center

I attended a class and saw how gentle and caring Bela is with them. She doesn’t ask them to do anything strenuous or difficult. Sometimes they sing. Sometimes the movements vaguely resemble Shintaido, the martial art that Bela has been studying and teaching for over forty-five years.


Next, while we await the return of the manuscript of our fantasy novel Wu Wei Warrior from the copy editor, Bela read an excerpt at a Writers Night Out at our local Straw Dog Writers Guild, in the Calvin Coolidge Room at historic Forbes Library:


Image from Wiki Commons

Bela at Forbes Library
Bela at Forbes Library

Her reading met with an enthusiastic reception.

That’s Mrs. Coolidge in the background. Stephen read on another evening to an equally positive response.

We hope your winter and early spring have been productive and enjoyable. More to come about Wu Wei Warrior.

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